The Common Heart Support Group has been helping heart attack survivors for over ten years and one of them included Bob Finley. At sixty years old and in seemingly good health, Bob wasn’t expecting a heart attack.

That didn’t change the fact that after his extended bout with atrial fibrillation, Bob’s heart muscle wasn’t what it used to be and he was going to need help as he prepared to retire to Denver and live the good life.

You see, Bob’s retirement home in Denver had a considerable lawn and garden, and at least for the moment, Bob was going to need plenty of help keeping the yard up to snuff. Enter Westminster Lawn Care Services (www.westminsterlawncareservices.com) to save the day.

Bob was feeling O.K. but weak . . . weak as a kitten! When he got to Denver he was going to be in no shape to push a lawn mower.

The Common Heart Support Group found Westminster Lawn Care Services on the Internet and engaged their services to help get the place in spruce shape before Bob’s arrival. The good folks at Westminster Lawn Care Services understood the mission. They went out to visit Bob’s property to figure out what needed to be done.

“Westminster Lawn Care Services were great!” said Doris Finberg from the Common Heart Thrift Store (http://commonheart.org/) that was in charge of supporting Bob through his time of crisis. “A crew from Westminster Lawn Care Services went out to the land and sent me back a report exactly what it was going to cost, month-to-month to keep the place well maintained for Bob.” said Finberg.

“We were able to calculate that service fee along with all of Bob’s expenses and assure that while he was going to have to worry about adhering to his rehab schedule, he wouldn’t need to worry about maintaining the upkeep of his property!”

Today’s modern world of communications has bridged the ability to connect with goods and services from local to virtually global all within a generation! Having the Common Heart Support Group being able to arrange something like Westminster Lawn Care Services in Denver from as far away as North Carolina is a good example.

Bob’s Lifeline Flight to Colorado couldn’t have gone better. When he got to his new home he was greeted by a well manicured and lush green landscape courtesy of Westminster Lawn Care Services.

Today, he merely needs to concentrate on his daily exercise regimen, a little bit at a time, building up his strength more and more everyday.